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For more information you may also visit: http:confederate-exchange Now that we?ve looked at what kinds of bets should be avoided, here are some
general strategies that apply to all sports wagering. While each sport has certain nuances
that make it unique for the bettor, the following pointers are part of a winning mentality.
There are a few all-encompassing ideas that will improve the quality of your wagers and
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certain excitement that comes from betting impulsively, but every successful sports bettor
will tell you that following these rules will pay off in the long run.
Rule 3: Bet selectively
Not every game in every sport is a ?bettable game;? that is, just because Vegas
and the local bookies put out lines for it doesn?t mean you have to put money on it. Many
novices to the world of sports wagering crave action Grant Fuhr Jersey , and because of this, get tempted
into making poor wagering decisions. In the following pages I will delve deeper into
what makes a game a ?bettable? game, but for now suffice to say that for each sport Esa Tikkanen Jersey , a
good policy is to pick no more than two or three games to bet on at a time. For the NFL,
this means two or three games a week. For the NBA, similar restraint can be exercised by
waiting for a match-up you like Connor McDavid Jersey , such as an underdog with momentum behind them takes
on a slumping favorite, for instance. When wagering on _base_ball, wait until a team has a
favorable pitching match-up. Wagering on anything but the most bettable games does not
win money in the long term?it loses money. To sum up Cam Talbot Jersey , not every game should be
wagered on. In fact, the large majority of them should not.
Think back to the First Rule of sports wagering: treating your wagers as an
investment. When you wager on a team, you are essentially ?buying? that team?s
performance during the game in question. The line at which you bet on a team is
essentially the price you pay to buy that team. Just as you wouldn?t buy an overpriced
stock Boyd Gordon Jersey , don?t pay more than you feel a team is worth. However, like stocks, lines change Bill Ranford Jersey ,
and a previously unbettable game may become bettable later in the week, or vice versa.
We?ll explore this in the next section.
A second issue to address is the ?double or nothing? mentality that many bettors
fall into after losses. In an attempt to break even, many reckless bettors will double the
units of their bets on the next batch of games hoping that they will balance out or even
make money overall. Still worse Benoit Pouliot Jersey , some bettors will try to end a losing season on a high
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